Another Monday

Somethings in the air today.  Rousted myself out of bed and immediately noticed something different.  The normally cool cloudy morning wasn’t really any warmer than usual.  But, the sun was out and there was a feeling that you could sense it was going to be the first really warm day of the year.  OK…here in Alameda, warm is not what I remember growing up.  It’s mid 80’s not the stifling muggy heat of central Missouri.  But, it still was going to be a marked difference from the typical highs in the low to mid 60’s we’ve been having.  Of course, my brother lives in the inner Sunset in San Francisco, and he would LOVE to see it get above mid 50s.  He’s always calling and say…”Is the weather as crappy where you are???”

Still, not to worry.  Tomorrow we’re back to the cool temps that define the bay and what I’ve always felt is one of the most attractive things about living here.  In the mean time, good day to chill outside and enjoy it.

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