Ever wanted to pay with your phone or keychain?

Have you ever wished that you didn’t have to pull out your wallet, then dig around the find the right credit card to pay with?  Wouldn’t it be cool if you only had to take your cell phone, or your keychain, swipe it over the card reader and viola…your number was entered and all you had to do was sign it.  A company named LoopPay has done just that.  On other one hand, they’ve got a fob that hooks onto your keychain and can store the information of a credit card on it.  To use it, you only need to hold down on a button, then swipe it over the place where you would normally swipe your credit or debit card.  Built into it is a transmitter that will basically act like a card in the magnetic reader built into the card system.  Unlike proprietary systems that require special receivers, this will work with 90% of the readers out there.  To program the fob, you install an app on your iphone or android device, plug the fob into the audio plug, and swipe the cards you wish to store on this wallet using the ard reader built into the fob.  To load a different card into the fob, just select the card, and upload it.  

If you’d like quicker access to your cards stored in the app, as well as a charge booster for your phone, there’s  a chargecase that fits onto your phone and uses bluetooth to talk to the app.  Select a card in the app, then press the button on the side of case to swipe it over a card reader.  Viola!  Easy Peasy.  

The fob is $39, the chargecase $99.  

Regarding security, there’s a timer built into both devices that you can set.  After a period of time, in order to use the fob or case, it must be reconnected to the app.