I saw a movie last night sbout one mans search for what made people happy…

Last night I saw Simon Pegg in “Hector and the Search for Happiness”.  Absolutely wonderful and I cannot recommend it enough.  But, it caused me to think about what makes ME happy.  Of course the first thing that rattled into my nogin was the Tom T. Hall Song, “I Love…”.  You know,…”I love..”.

But besides the usual things like friends coming over for “dinner and a movie”, good BBQ, hugs…I also came up with tech.  Gadgets and new tech had a way of making me happy.  Now, before you say I’m using this to replace human contact, my friends make me MUCH happier than ANYnew tech (well accept maybe a new iPhone).  Also, new tech can also make me pretty sad, like the new 25 watt radio I just got which seems unable to connect with any of the local repeaters and crashes the programming app that came with it.  But, in general, when I get a new package from UPS from Amazon or one of the crowd funded products I’ve invested in, I feel good.  

I remember in the heyday of the go go 80s and the yuppie revolution, the typical yuppie was a serious gadget nut who always had the “latest tech”.  This was part of their image as shallow individuals who were always trying to look rich.   I asked some friends once if my love of cool tech labelled me a Yuppie.  I was pleasantly surprised with a resounding “No way!”  One explained that what made me different is that, it was obvious my motivation to getting the latest phone/computer/whatever was NOT to impress people.  That had nothing to do with it.  They said it was that I really did enjoy plaing with these new tools and putting them to use.  

Hense, this is more reinforcement that I really don’t consider the technologies in my live as classic tech…but toys that I may really use but also enjoy planing with.  

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