Want to get more “veggies” into your life???

OK, I’ll admit it.  Though I’ve lived more years in the San Francisco Bay Area than anywhere else, in my heart I’m still very much of a Midwesterner when it comes to eating habits.  Try as I might I’m still drawn to red meat.  I secretly see Pork as “the other white meat”.  And vegetables are meant to compliment the meat but not replace it.  

But, I also know that we need to eat more vegetables and fruit.  And, ideally, they should be organic and locally grown.  Luckly.  I like in a town where here is an aboslutely amazing organic grocer, Dan’s Produce, who has joined many other such veggie stands that offer “farm direct boxes”.  So, what is a “farm direct box”.  For about $30, every Wednesday, I get a box of assorted vegetables and fruit that is locally and organically grown.  Then end result is that you end up with all these ingredients that basically force you to rethink what you cook in order to use them.  Here’s a typical week’s lineup:



Yellow Nectarines

White Peaches

Red Slicer Toatoes

Red Leaf Lettuce

Purple Potatoes

Bunched Carrots

Summer Squash


For some reason, they always have KALE, which is something I have not yet learned to cook.  But, the fruit is wonderful, and the veggies are always just right.  

If you are interested in getting more vegetables & fruit into your diet, and also benefitting local farmers, check out your local organic grocer.  If you live in the East Bay, here’s a link to Dan’s Fresh Produce’s   http://www.dansfreshproduce.com