Do you lose things now and then?

Do you have a habit of misplacing things? I’ve a good friend who had a habit of losing everything. Being the tech guy that I am, I kept suggesting products that would hopefully help her find whatever she lost.

One was a little gadget that you would attach to your keys, for example, then when you wanted to find them, you just whistle. Of course, she loved to naturally whistle all the time, so it got kind of irritating.

The Sharper Image had this thing where you would stick a little sensor on every object you wanted to fine, then you had this remote with different colored buttons on it. You press the button of the gadget you were trying to find and that sensor would start beeping. Of course, she lost the remote shortly after getting it.

I also tried the product from a well-known computer assessor he company, Kensington. It was a small tag, with a battery in it, that you would attach to your keychain or whatever you were trying to keep track of. Then, there was an app that could connect to it through Bluetooth. The problem is that the tag kept losing track of the Bluetooth app and we just start beeping on its own. It got really of noxious.

Well now I think the answer is here. It’s called TILE, and it’s a little square tag that works through your smart phone, much like the Kensington system. You either put it on your keychain, or even stick it to what you’re trying to find. Then, when you need to find it, you run their app. If you press a link to the tag on the app, it will start the little square beeping. It also will show where it is on a map, though it’s not necessarily accurate enough to show specific places in your house or apartment. Check it out at

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